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The Lost Legacy: 01 Newest Beginnings

I know, I know. I started another story–another legacy–before finishing the ones I started. But, after getting a new computer (a mac instead of a PC) and having to restart my game on a totally different system, I realized that I couldn’t continue the previous legacy, She Who Came From the Stars. Despite not being able to continue that story, I was able to keep the characters of FOA, but had to recreate the sets. That is to say, in the next chapter (coming before the end of summer?), sets may be different from before because I no longer have FreeTime installed.

Anyway, now, I am premiering a new legacy–The Lost Legacy: Journey to Truth! The first chapter “Newest Beginnings,” can be found by clicking here. Please tell me what you think!

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Still Alive

Granted, I haven’t had the time to really sit down and delve back into FOA for a year, I’m popping in to say I haven’t given up! I’ve had to get a new computer, so currently, I am thinking of ways to put Sims 2 on my current computer since I’ve gone from PC to Mac.

Please continue to stick around and before the end of 2016, FOA will be back in full swing!

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