1.1 Where am I?

A twinkle in the sky and a whip-like sound brought a flying metallic object to the small town of Strangetown while everyone was asleep. Surely, someone in Strangetown witnessed this phenomenon–it was Strangetown no less–but such an everyday occurrence wouldn’t get the town talking.


In the morning, a woman with green skin and blonde hair lay on the ground in the hot sun. She furrowed her brows, never feeling such heat like the heat she felt on her face right now. Was she in the sun?! Her whole body was on fire! She quickly stood up, rubbing her arms as they seemed to sizzle underneath her thick coat.



Where am I? The woman looked around at the barren land before her and couldn’t believe her eyes. She felt like she was in the middle of nowhere and most likely hours away from her home.
What is my name? She thought hard and remembered with a small aha! Ashrin, her name was Ashrin Voore. Now if she could only figure out where she came from and where she would stay the night.


Ashrin turned to find a small, shack-like house that she knew she would hate. She had only $224 dollars in her pocket and no memory of how she got there or how she got the money.


Inside the cottage, Ashrin couldn’t believe her eyes. The abandoned land that she had stumbled on only had a small shack that barely had anything in it. Ashrin had to admit that she was grateful for a place to call home while she sorted her memories, yet she couldn’t but be a little upset that the shack she now called home only had a bed, a small kitchen area, and a little cut-off area where the toilet was. She couldn’t remember where she came from but she knew it was better than this!


Ashrin wasn’t sure about the new world she found herself in but she new that $224 dollars was not enough for her to sustain herself. She gained some courage and ventured outside to see what was inside the paper that was just delivered. Ashrin opened the local paper and found three career track options: Slacker, Athlete, and Military. She knew she wanted to be in Education but figured that being in the military would give her the discipline she needed to teach children. That and the career seemed to call out to a part of her memory.


She realized that she looked extremely different from the small amount of local townies that she did meet. Her slightly green skin, white birthmark in the center of her forehead, and startling green eyes showed that she was definitely not from around Strangetown. Of course, some townies looked similar to her and she heard they were Aliens from space, but she looked similar to yet different from them as well. So where did she come from? Ashrin quickly changed her hair to cover the mark on her forehead before deciding to go out and find some answers.


Before going out Ashrin decided to quickly cook some ramen noodles. Her stomach had started to grumble. She was surely lucky that the shack came with a cooking machine! Unfortunately, her cooking skills were terrible and she burned the noodles.


Luckily, today was Ashrin’s day off so she headed off the 88 Road to Nowhere, a local mini-mall. Hopefully she could find someone to talk to because she really needed some fun and socialization or she was surely going to go crazy.


“I just moved to Strangetown and I really don’t know anyone yet.” Ashrin tried to talk to the townie, Nervous Subject, but he clearly did not want to talk to her. Putting his hand on his hips and frowing, Nervous was not into Ashrin.
“I’m sorry. I don’t care if you’re not from around here.”
Or it seemed so as eventually Nervous came around and was an okay person to talk to, except for the many times they disagreed.


While trying to explore the rest of the lot, Ashrin stumbled upon River Sims and the two hit it off better than when Ashrin tried to talk to Nervous. Maybe River could be someone Ashrin could set her future children up with? He was only a teenager.


Ashrin also stumbled upon Bella Goth but it seemed like she wasn’t getting along with most of the local townies. Maybe socializing wasn’t such a good idea?


Ashrin decided to just buy groceries. She realized that there was only a small amount of groceries stocked in the fridge and needed to at least buy enough to last until her next paycheck. She picked out a few frozen meals and cereal. Ashrin wasn’t skillful enough to cook extravagant meals so those foods would last her for a week or two.


Before going home, Ashrin stopped by the local club to see if she could have a little more fun before starting her new job. She met Lazlo Curious before leaving. He was nicer than all the other townies and they rarely disagreed when talking. Lazlo seemed like a great guy and he didn’t seem to think she was weird. Maybe Lazlo could be a great friend?


Back at the shack, Ashrin put the groceries in the fridge before deciding what to do with the rest of her day. Her off day was becoming uneventful and boring!


Before Ashrin could think about ways to entertain herself, a local matchmaking gypsy stopped buy. Love wasn’t the first thing on Ashrin’s mind but what would a little matchmaking hurt? She was a little lonely.


Ashrin blew $100 dollars on the matchmaker but it seemed like it wasn’t enough. Maybe this wasn’t a good idea…


Ashrin didn’t have any attraction to Darren Wood. In fact, she had more attraction to Lazlo, the guy she met at the club, than to Darren!


The date was a bust and Ashrin was pooped. After the day she had, she felt like crap. Her hygiene was so low she could see stink clouds coming out of her armpits! Resigned to feeling that tomorrow must be better, Ashrin finally shut her eyes.


Ashrin woke up bright and early to catch the carpool for her job. She couldn’t help but think back to her dream. It was blurry but she could clearly see two people who she thought could be her parents. Despite that, Ashrin needed to get ready and quickly shook the dream from her mind.


Ashrin changed to her Recruit uniform with a stink cloud following closely behind before going to work.


After work, Ashrin decided to buy herself a shower with her $350 paycheck. It was an open shower but it would have to do. It was better than trying to bathe using the sink.


After realizing that she thankfully had the day off the next morning, Ashrin had the want to call Lazlo. She was feeling lonely and realized that with all the recent thoughts of her family that she didn’t remember, she suddenly wanted to have a family of her own. Could Lazlo be someone she could spend the rest of her life with? Besides, she could feel herself getting older.


The next day at work, even after Ashrin made a wrong decision  regarding butterflies and light boxes, she was promoted to the Elite Forces. Her salary was now $455 with a $910 bonus.


After fixing her broken sink, Ashrin couldn’t wait to invite Lazlo over! The two talked into the night until Lazlo had to leave and Ashrin had to sleep.


On her next day off, Ashrin didn’t hesitate to call Lazlo over again but his peculiar habit of eating out of the trash was almost clouding her feelings for him. Ashrin checked that off as something she would have to fix but Lazlo was someone she wanted to see more of.


The day was getting late and she couldn’t help but kiss Lazlo. It was her first kiss and she didn’t want to waste it on anyone but him. The sun set as the two locked lips and hearts seemed to form in the air around them. Although Ashrin had a magical time with Lazlo, the day couldn’t help but get worse! Later that night after Lazlo left, a burglar decided to steal what Ashrin owned! Ashrin quickly jumped up to call the police since she she was too poor to have an alarm system but, the burglar was able to get away with her mirror before the police could get to her house.


The next day, Ashrin decided to propose. A burglar stealing her small belongings made her feel even less secure than before. She really needed Lazlo, or at least someone else, in the house! She skipped asking him to move in and after she casually suggested he stay the night, she got down on one knee and took out a ring from that she got from the box of cereal she ate from every day. He accepted! After finally asking him to move in, Lazlo moved in with only $424 to his name. Ashrin was bummed that they would both have to struggle but she was happy that she wouldn’t be alone anymore.


With the small amount of money Lazlo brought in, Ashrin was only able to buy a bigger bed for the two of them. Lazlo was an extremely sloppy person with a want to become Chief of Staff and aspired to gain greater Knowledge. Lazlo’s career was a field researcher but after thinking about his life with Ashrin, he was beginning to reconsider his fulfilling career path.


A few days later, Ashrin switched jobs to the Education career and was quickly promoted to Teacher’s Aide! She received a raise to $316 and a bonus of $632.


The love was going strong between the two lovebirds. They hadn’t gotten married yet but they knew it was time. Neither of the two of them were getting older and Ashrin suddenly had a strong urge to have kids. She was happy with Lazlo but there was a nagging feeling at the back of her mind.


Lazlo went outside to get some air. As he stood outside looking over the snowy landscape, a penguin showed up to make him feel better. He wanted to marry Ashrin but they didn’t have much money and he was losing his mind just living with her. They were completely opposite, him sloppy and her clean. On top of all that, he had this nagging feeling that she was hiding something and constantly pulling away. When he first met Ashrin, he overlooked her green skin because she was cool and Strangetown was, well, strange, but now he was having doubts.


Both Lazlo and Ashrin had doubts but they both decided that marriage is what they wanted. Ashrin still had a nagging feeling in her mind and Lazlo still wanted to ask about Ashrin’s past but they both wanted to put that off until later, way later. The two had an improptu ceremony in their house with only the two of them. They would have loved to have a party but Ashrin knew she would have no family to invite.


The two newlyweds didn’t waste time in consummating the marriage.


Ashrin had been feeling sick since last night. She didn’t know what the liquid coming out of her mouth meant but she hoped it was good because right now it didn’t feel good.


Ashrin was excited about her new promotion to Substitute Teacher but this new bug she had never felt before was taking a toll on her. All she wanted to do was fall asleep. Ashrin received a raise to $452 with a $904 bonus.


Ashrin suddenly woke up one night to a new sight: her stomach had slightly grown in size! She could feel a tiny life kicking around in there, a new feeling she didn’t know existed.


To celebrate the good news of Ashrin’s pregnancy, an open position in the Medicine career was finally open for Lazlo to take and he immediately got a promotion to Paramedic. His salary was raised to $385 with a $770 raise.


After a few months, Ashrin suddenly felt a strong surge of pain in her lower abdomen one night. Lazlo had just gone to work and she was all alone. Ash didn’t know what to do but she knew she had to keep breathing!


After much huffing, puffing, and pushing, Ashrin gave birth to a little baby girl that looked almost just like her. She never knew she could feel such a strong surge of love but there was also a subtle ache in her heart. Other than her husband, something or someone was missing; she didn’t think her lost memories would be a problem but the ache told her otherwise. Ashrin hoped that little Vanille could fill the hole she felt in her heart.

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