Chapter 1


[6.22.10] “Either this was my lucky day or I was next on this person’s list.” Chapter 1

Welcome to the first chapter of Betrayed. This chapter, though short, took forever to make–Oh, the woes of a slow computer–so, I hope it’s a good one. Enjoy the first chapter and feedback is always welcomed.


I stood in a long white gown, knee deep in tall, green grass. The sun illuminated the tall grass blades, while the cool breeze wrapped me in its cozy embrace. I turned around slowly, a smile spreading across my face. He appeared as if out of thin air and slowly walked to me like the world had been put on slow motion.


Stopping so close that I could feel his cold body heat mixing with the warm air, he grabbed my hands in his. He leaned down close to my face, brushing his nose against my neck; somehow, every cell in my body was screaming that something was wrong, that I should be trying to fight hime not feel glad that he was here. . .for me. His grip tightened on me as he held on to my hand roughly. Panic shot through me and I realized there was no escape. I instantly knew what was coming next. I opened my mouth attempting a soundless scream. . .


I shot up, tangling my legs in the covers. My breath came out in puffs, heart racing. A steady buzz sounded throughout the quiet room. My phone vibrated wildly as it’s screen flashed ‘Debra‘. I sighed and slowly picked up the phone.
She immediately started talking. “I need you to go check out a place.”
I groaned and glanced at the time on the phone. “At three in the morning, Deb?”
“Naomi.” She was all business.
I hesitated, stifling a groan. “O.K. Got it.”


By the time I got to the place–some sleazy pool bar–it was nearing 4 o’clock. Two hours ’till sun-up.
“I’m missing sleep over this,” I mumbled. Sure, the people who know me think vampire slaying is my specialty, but there is only one reason why I’m so. . .skillful at it. My mother was murdered by vampires when I was younger. Too young to understand what kind of stuff was out there lurking in the dark. So, I lived with my grandmother until she died when I was 17. Debra, my mom’s old friend, took me in until I turned 18. She taught me everything I know.


I walked passed two guys leaning against the wall, smoking cigarettes. Human. I could instantly smell it. I yanked the door open; a strong scent hit me, momentarily overwhelming my senses. Vampires. Too many of them. All heads turned on me as I walked toward a table in a corner with little light.


One of them worked the courage to come over and sit in the chair across from me.
“Hey little lady. What are you doing here all by yourself?” He grinned, flashing me a fang. I ignored him and tried to keep my face neutral.
He turned in his chair towards the bar, “Give me two beers.” He turned back towards me.
“You seem a little lost, want me to help you find your way,” He asked with a wink.


The bartender sat two beers in front of us. The vamp took his beer and gulped down the liquid. A salty, iron scent wafted over to me. Blood. I tried not to react as my stomach flip-flopped. I got up from the table and went out the side exit door.


I walked out into the dirty alley and leaned against the dead-end brick wall, waiting for them to come out. The door opened and two stepped out. I smiled to myself. So they come out to play.


They formed a line, blocking the exit. The first vampire came at me, a cocky grin plastered over his face. I side stepped him, clearly faster than him, and slammed his face in the brick wall. He slid down and landed on the ground. I quickly went down and jammed a stake into his heart.


I stood up and faced the other vampire, the ashes of my newest kill blowing past me. I slid into a fighting stance as he came at me. I moved around him and slammed the dagger through his back and into his heart.


I heard the door slam and snapped my head up just in time to see a shoe coming my way. It landed heavily on my chest with so much force that I slammed into the wall behind me, knocking my head against it. Anger flared in me. I started to get up, but my ribs and head screamed in pain. Two vampires stood in front of me and smirked, clearly proud of themselves. I tried to sigh, but it came out as a groan. So this is how I die.


I was preparing myself for death, ready to go down nobly, when a startled yelp broke my concentration. In the blink of an eye, a stake stuck out of the vampire’s chest closest to me. The other vampire gasped as his companion crumbled and blew away in the night breeze.


He didn’t have much time to get on guard when a stake hit him directly in the chest. Surprise was frozen on his face when he crumbled into ashes. Either this was my luckily day or I was next on this person’s list.


A guy stood over me, his face covered in shadows. He chuckled and the moonlight shined on a fang. Oh. Crap. So he is going to kill me.

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