Inhuman 2

Inhuman 2

[6.5.11] Chapter 2 – without visuals

                Once again, he woke up in a cell. This cell, however, wasn’t like the prison he was used to. It had an earthy smell, the walls felt like stone and the floor felt like packed dirt. His head throbbed with a splitting pain while his body felt numb. Was he drugged? Even his mind felt sluggish, like a thin film stood between him and the answers he desperately wanted to know. He was surprisingly aware. The beast must have been sleeping. Niko tried to assess the darkness around him. When had they moved him? It suddenly hit him, his memory of what happened…

                He had been walking down the street—to where, he didn’t know. The monster was in complete control at the time and by the speed he was walking it seemed urgent. The monster had always kept him behind a hazy wall. Each time he tried to break free he felt numb. He felt like his brain—his conscious—stopped responding. After rounding a corner and walking out from the light of a street lamp someone had stopped in front of him. Each move he—the monster that is—made to get past the figure, it would block his path. Of course, the…virus he would call it…stopped his emotions, even anger. However, his emotions were seeping into the monsters resolve. He could tell that it was getting angry. His alter-self made a move to fight, but with a quick motion from the figure, he was knocked from in the head from behind. When he woke up, of course, he was here…in this cell.

                Again, he found himself in confines. For some reason, the monster inside was…sleeping. That was strange. He had never…slept…before. A light flicked on and suddenly Niko found himself in a room. The walls and floor were as he expected: compacted earth. He could smell that he was underneath the surface. A door that he hadn’t noticed opened and closed, revealing a woman. She was black. Her skin was the color of light caramel; her black hair was tied up in a black ponytail and it seemed as if all remnants of her feminine side had been wiped away.

“Niko Ishida,” she deadpanned. It was as if saying his name pained her.

He nodded in response. There was nothing to say. It was as if she had condemned him as a criminal.

“Do you feel any different?” She had addressed exactly what he was feeling. Something was…weird. The monster in him was sleeping. That one fact was defying was the virus was for. It was supposed to make humans superior. He felt like himself again. He felt whole.

“Yes…I do.”

She nodded knowingly. “We were able to develop a serum that sedates the effects of the virus. We hope we can engineer its’ effects to be permanent.

“Permanent? You mean make me human again?”

“Yes. But we need your help. Tell us anything you can remember about what you’ve learned.”

He felt it then. That pang of awakening. It was waking up at the mention of betraying secrets that could ruin everything.

“I can’t tell you much. It’s becoming hard to stay in control.”

“Stay with me. Just tell me anything,” she was calm even though her hands were clenching the edge of the table.

It clicked then. That wall snapped back into place and he was pushed back. “No” came out of his mouth like venom.

                She sat back in her chair, a smile spreading across her face. Niko felt like he knew that smile. A familiar pang tugged at his heart.

“Ah. So you’ve emerged. And what shall I call you?”

He didn’t respond.

She sighed and stood up from her chair. “I’ll be seeing you tomorrow,” she winked at him.

Niko had to act before she left. He broke through the barrier and blurted out, “What’s your name?”

She stopped, her hand resting on the door, and turned to him with a smile tugging at the corners of her mouth. “Charlie. It’s Charlie.”

                Charlie shut the door behind her. She couldn’t stop herself from leaning against the door and taking a deep breath of the earthy air around her. He felt so familiar to her, like a forgotten dream. It was like he was someone she wanted to forget. What was it? She shook her head. Now was not the time to contemplate her attraction to himit. She had to go see August and report her results.

                She never knocked, she just walked in. August hated that but he knew she would never follow that rule of his.

“What now,” he said—like he always did when she entered unannounced—in that exaggerated exasperated tone of his.

“The serum seems to have worked.”

“That’s good.” He stood in front of one of the bookcases that lined his wall, book in hand. Charlie couldn’t tell what he was reading, but the book looked pretty dense. Another one of his long reads, she assumed.

Charlie sighed exasperatedly.

And this is as far as I got on the second chapter of Inhuman.

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