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FOA Chapter 4 Posted!

I’ve just posted Chapter 4 of FOA (here)! It was a push to get this chapter out but I know that some big things are coming ahead for me so might as well crank this out while I have the inspiration!

For that aforementioned inspiration, I would have to say that two songs could fit with the latter part of the chapter: “Goodbye My Love” by Ailee, and “Diary” by Emi Hinouchi (I case you haven’t noticed, many of the inspiration songs will be in languages other than English).

Now I’ll be working on the next chapter before I get into my next major busy stretch. *puts on writing cap*

Enjoy šŸ™‚

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I think I’ve finally felt like writing something after a very long time. So much to the point that I have written a short chapter for Flames of Ambition. As for Airborne, either I’m continuing that or starting a story completely different from that butĀ that hasĀ its origin from Airborne.

By the way, my inspiration was all thanks to the songs The Day Before and Slip Away, both by Nell (a Korean indie-rock/alternative rockĀ band), so it’s safe to say that these chapters might seem depressing or really sad. I’m not quite sure though. šŸ™‚

Anyway, when I get access to Sims again, I’ll put all my hard work and vacation time into creating the pictures to accompany the chapters.

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