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Flames of Ambition: .06 Breakthrough

New chapter for Flames of Ambition! Working slowly but surely to keep these updates churning, so stay buckled up for the ride!  With a furthering of the story, we also have a new header:


It’s safe to say things are progressing (*wink*). You can click here to read chapter 6.

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The Lost Legacy: 01 Newest Beginnings

I know, I know. I started another story–another legacy–before finishing the ones I started. But, after getting a new computer (a mac instead of a PC) and having to restart my game on a totally different system, I realized that I couldn’t continue the previous legacy, She Who Came From the Stars. Despite not being able to continue that story, I was able to keep the characters of FOA, but had to recreate the sets. That is to say, in the next chapter (coming before the end of summer?), sets may be different from before because I no longer have FreeTime installed.

Anyway, now, I am premiering a new legacy–The Lost Legacy: Journey to Truth! The first chapter “Newest Beginnings,” can be found by clicking here. Please tell me what you think!

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FOA Chapter 5 Posted

It’s late and I did an all-day marathon to get this chapter done so finally I present to you, Flames of Ambition Chapter 5: Severed!

The story’s moving along and I’m so glad those of you who’ve been reading have continued this journey with me. Any newcomers, welcome and enjoy the ride!

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New Story: A Legacy!

I haven’t done a legacy in a long time–since there was a Sims 2 Website (so like 2-4 years ago!)–so I decided to start one now. I haven’t given up on FOA! I just want to take a short break from playing Sims to take pictures and actually play to play. The legacy loosely follows the legacy challenge rules and though I’ll probably cheat a little, I’m mostly playing for fun, writing a loose storyline, and following the rules.

The first chapter of my new legacy, She Came From The Stars, can be found here!

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FOA Chapter 4 Posted!

I’ve just posted Chapter 4 of FOA (here)! It was a push to get this chapter out but I know that some big things are coming ahead for me so might as well crank this out while I have the inspiration!

For that aforementioned inspiration, I would have to say that two songs could fit with the latter part of the chapter: “Goodbye My Love” by Ailee, and “Diary” by Emi Hinouchi (I case you haven’t noticed, many of the inspiration songs will be in languages other than English).

Now I’ll be working on the next chapter before I get into my next major busy stretch. *puts on writing cap*

Enjoy 🙂

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The Last of My Old Stories

I’ve finally posted the last two chapters of my old stories that I saved when the Sims 2 Exchange and Website were shutdown. Betrayed Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 are now up and ready to be read with pictures and all, and I must say, I think I can truly see some writing growth since then (almost to the point where I’m embarrassed to read them myself!).

Enjoy! 🙂

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I haven’t posted any stories for a few months because I’ve been very busy (like always around this time). I’m hoping I can get some writing done in December but until then there most likely won’t be anything posted until then. Just checking in to say that this site isn’t dead.

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FOA Chapter 2 Posted

FOA Chapter 2: Cold has been posted over a week ago but a bug called “busy” has taken over my life right now. Hopefully I can crank out the next chapter faster than I cranked out this one.

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Anniversary Post!

This is the first anniversary of ice cream on my fries; it’s been approximately one year since I started this place (and it’s still desolate :-))! I’ve revamped a little of the website and deleted some “junk”; there will be a new story addition probably within the week in celebration of this anniversary, I finally uploaded the first chapter of Flames of Ambition, a new addition to the story lineup.

1st chapter: Stop

It was all the same every day. As soon as he shut the door and sat in his chair at the head of the table, his day began. Blah, blah, blah. That’s all he ever heard. He just wanted to drown everyone out, the voice of the presenter, the prying eyes of his investors. Jared placed his hand on his forehead and began to gently massage the knot that had formed squarely between his eyes.

(See more…)

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Old Stories

Since this place is somewhat scarce, here are some stories that I have written (but never finished):

They can be viewed here.

EDIT: It seems the website will be shut down in January of 2013, so I will be trying to recover all of my old stories and posting them here instead. If I am not able to get the pictures to the stories, I will be posting one old story without pictures most likely so I have recovered two of the stories I that had written and will post them when I have the time. I’m leaving the link to the old stories up until the site shuts down.

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