Hello, my name so to speak is “T” and I am a simmer. What is a simmer you ask? It is a person who enjoys playing games from the Sims franchise. Furthermore, I use my sims as a visual for the various stories that I create. I am not only interested in writing but also international relations and cultures, and I currently study Japanese (just a heads up if it shows up in my writing).

Therefore, IceCreamOnMyFries is a Sims 2 fictional story blog (and in no way affiliated with EA Games) in which I mix my love of sims and my love of writing and storytelling together and create universes to be lost in. Previously, I was a simmer who uploaded her stories on the Sims 2 Exchange under the name of Jazzbfun. The stories from those days I have uploaded under the tab “Old.”

Slowly but surely I will continue to write for as long as I possibly can and I hope that those who happen to stumble upon my little universe will thoroughly enjoy my creations.

– the Wanderbug (aka T)

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