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Long Time No Write

I’ve haven’t been here in an obscenely long time; it’s a shame to tell you the truth. I’ve been slowly writing for Flames of Ambition when my free time has warranted me to do so. I haven’t given up on it! In fact, to show that I haven’t given up on FOA yet, here’s a short excerpt from the third chapter:

Light rain dripped from the sky ceremoniously as it preceded a heavier rain that began earlier that morning. Light dew coated the leaves of tries, flower petals, and hung on the heavy coats of the funeral attendants as the previous rain left a light fog over the graveyard. The morning was drearier than usual for the usually bustling city, but of course, it almost always seems to rain on the day of a funeral. Were the heavens mourning just like everyone else?

Jared was as numb as when he first got the news of his brother’s death but now, having the responsibility of another life thrust upon him so suddenly made him want to curl up in the fetal position. On one hand, he felt like his life had been completely changed—almost ruined—because he had so many things he wanted to do; however, on the other hand…as much as he didn’t want to admit it, Jared was scared—no, terrified. What if he couldn’t live up to be the father that his brother was? Even more incredulously, how could the heir of a global cooperation be a single father? He was dating Daniella but she was no mother-material. That night at the hospital, his niece had said nothing at all. Instead she looked up at him with the saddest blue eyes he had ever seen—the same blue eyes that he always saw first thing in the morning when he and his brother were children. Was this fate telling him to cherish others? Jared had so many questions but there was no one to answer him.

Good sneak peak, right?! Well, after I finish up the chapter (I’m trying to make it longer than the others) and its pictures then I will promptly upload chapter 3 with the utmost pride. 🙂


Happy simming and reading,


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